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We work with a select number of diagnostic tools to support effective hiring decisions, talent development and organisational culture awareness and management. We incorporate these into our work where we think they’ll add value, offering our clients an additional lens to look through.

Advantages for you

Reduced hiring risks

Used alongside structured interviews, significantly reduces your risk of hiring poor performers.


Despite initial outlay, the cost is minimal compared to the costs associated with poor hires and recruitment processes.

Scientifically backed hiring decisions

Scientifically validated data informs hiring decisions, reducing subjectivity and bias.

Supports successful onboarding

Use insights to craft development plans, helping new hires hit the ground running.

Develops greater self-awareness

Facilitates individuals in understanding their own personalities and behaviours more deeply.

Helps identify areas of strength and development

Pinpoint both strengths and areas needing improvement, enabling targeted talent development.

Supports career development

Provides valuable insights into individuals’ career interests, preferences, and aptitudes, guiding informed decisions and strategies for career advancement.

Tailored development plans

Based on psychometric insights, personalised development plans can be crafted to address specific areas of improvement and capitalise on strengths.

Appreciate Difference

Helps team members understand and value individual differences, promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Surface Dynamics

Reveal underlying team dynamics, enabling proactive management of interpersonal relationships and conflicts.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

Provides insights into communication styles, facilitating clearer expectations and more efficient problem-solving.

Improve Team Cohesion and Performance

Strengthen team cohesion and commitment to shared objectives, leveraging individual strengths effectively.



Monitoring culture ensures that organisational values are in line with its objectives, reducing the risk of people-related problems.


Boosts employee satisfaction and commitment, lowering the risk of disengagement and turnover.


Identifies areas for improvement, enhances team productivity and reduces people-related performance issues.

Change Management

Helps with managing organisational changes effectively, minimising disruptions and uncertainties that can affect people.

Diagnostic Tools


Lumina Spark reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership. Find your Inner Spark. Increase your potential.


Lead the way, in your own way. Lumina Leader gives executives a deep understanding of their natural leadership style. It shows them how to lead with confidence and authenticity, while learning how to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of their people and their organisation.


Work better, together. Clients refer to the Lumina Team experience as a genuine ‘Aha!’ moment. Easy to grasp language and impactful visuals instantly highlight the traits and behaviours within a team. The result is motivated people working in high performing teams which get better results.

Underpinned by 15 years of big data and global research, Wave’s power of prediction is unrivalled. The Wave questionnaires interact with the user to unlock an individual’s true potential.  A suite of reports can be generated from the Wave questionnaires. These reports measure a wide range of behaviours and help you deliver better hiring and development outcomes. You can harness the power of Wave through 7 different questionnaires

CultureScope is a ground-breaking and scientifically validated approach to behavioural and cultural measurement. It is based on the largest ever behavioural research study over a 7-year period, with over 51,000 participants in 61 countries across 60 organisations and supported by 3 leading business schools. CultureScope quantifies the culture of an organisation using advanced diagnostics, by assessing individual and organisational behaviours (how do I behave and what do I observe around me) and linking these with organisations’ outcomes to provide predictive analytics, actionable insights and a roadmap to drive the organisation forward, reduce risk and generate sustainable value.


The Risk Type Compass helps people understand how they handle risk and make decisions. It categorises individuals into one of eight Risk Types, recognising that individuals vary in their approach to risk. Being informed and self-aware about risk disposition helps in addressing compliance challenges and managing the human dimensions of risk. It’s useful across various industries, especially in banking, finance, and consulting, where understanding human factors is crucial for effective risk management.


“Having used a number of leadership development tools over the years, I found the Lumina Leader 360 by far the best. Not only did it give me what I feel to be a true reflection of my current leadership style, it has also given me a clear plan to develop me as a leader. I would strongly recommend Lumina Leader 360 delivered by 80Twenty for anyone wanting to build on their leadership skills.”

“I was struggling to find direction with my career and felt as though I lacked inspiration and clarity on how I could progress. The coaching programme delivered by 80Twenty provided both structured assessment tools and personal guidance to help draw out my true aims and ambitions. Thanks to this support I have re-focussed my aspirations and have much greater definition in my future career goals.”

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