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We established 80Twenty in 2020, combining our skills and many years of experience in people consulting and leadership roles. Prior to 80Twenty Jason was senior partner of KPMG in the Channel Islands and Melissa worked in senior people and consulting roles for KPMG Islands Group, KPMG Channel Islands and Unilever.

Melissa Chester

Melissa is a business psychologist, EMCC accredited coach and team coach. Melissa enjoys any opportunity to apply her business psychology and coaching skills across the Talent Development lifecycle, from aligning strategy to organisational outcomes through to the design and delivery of a variety of talent development solutions. 

Jason Laity

Jason brings extensive leadership experience to 80Twenty from leading a large professional services organisation and his various NED roles. Jason is an experienced chair and enjoys the opportunity to facilitate and support executive teams. He is also an executive coach and enjoys working with clients from a wide variety of sectors.

We’re based in Jersey in the Channel Islands. We serve clients locally and internationally. Using our suite of digital tools enables us to deliver high touch development solutions virtually, meeting the needs of remote and/or internationally dispersed teams.

Our Guiding Principles


We are dedicated to making talent development accessible to all. By removing barriers and democratizing access to premium development opportunities, we strive to reach more people and create positive change.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We embrace evidence-based practices and focus on delivering measurable outcomes. Our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness ensures that every intervention drives tangible results and maximizes impact.


Building strong, collaborative relationships is fundamental to our approach. We value long-term partnerships with our clients and strive to create a culture of collaboration and mutual respect within their organisations.

Individual Empowerment

We believe in the unique potential of every individual. By celebrating diversity and empowering individuals to unlock their talents and capabilities, we foster growth and personal development.

Neutrality and Trust

As a neutral and trusted partner, we offer impartial guidance and support. Our commitment to honesty and integrity ensures that we provide constructive feedback and nurture learning in a safe environment.

Empathy and Understanding

We empathise deeply and strive to understand our clients’ perspectives without judgment. Listening attentively and empathetically allows us to build trust and find meaningful solutions together.

Our Approach

By partnering with us, our clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of talent development services and advice that drives performance, enhances employee engagement, and positions their organisation for sustained success. Whether you want access to a neutral thinking partner for strategy discussions or board meetings, or an additional panel interviewer and psychometrics to reduce bias, all the way through to delivering a full strategic talent development programme, we can help. Our services span strategic consulting to delivering bespoke solutions for individuals, teams, boards and leaders within organisations.


“The executive coaching provided by Jason has helped me through a really challenging time for our business. He has helped me pinpoint how I feel and what strategies I can put in place to help. Jason has made me feel at ease and uses his vast experience in business to help me put things in perspective. I always feel better after one of our sessions.”

“Looking back and seeing how far I have come and the things I’m now involved in, I can see that the coaching sessions I had with Melissa gave me the confidence to get me to where I am now.”

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