Working in partnership with forward looking organisations
on the challenges of today and tomorrow

We are a purpose built consultancy and coaching business created out of a shared passion to do what we do well for the benefit of our clients and our community. Our aim is to help businesses and other organisations prioritise long term impact over short term gain. We will share and evolve together with our clients to encourage a more responsible mindset in business and society.

Our Approach

We believe that the right and responsible way to run a business combines strong, effective and authentic leadership with an approach that places communities, people and the environment alongside profit. Our approach combines a number of different skill-sets based on the experience that successful sustainable change is systemic and cannot be achieved by looking at any single area in isolation.

Evidence Led

We invest time up-front to understand your needs and will look broadly at matters before advising on potential approaches or solutions.  Our approach is open-minded but evidence-led – e.g. led by our own experience or third-party research.


Whether you need a critical friend, light touch support or assistance with more complex projects, we will offer an approach that works for you. Our fee structure is flexible and value-based.


Sometimes we will tell you things that you don’t expect to hear. Whilst this may lead to challenging conversations, we believe that a partnership built on honesty and respect will ultimately lead to more successful outcomes.