The Twenty

The Twenty

We believe that a commercially successful and sustainable business with strong ethics and values can also ‘do good’. We will do this by allocating 20% of our profit or resources to supporting initiatives that enable us to take action in areas where we believe we can make positive difference to our community.

We are proud to publish our first impact report setting out the impact we have made in the year to March 2023, and our plans for the next year.

We aim to make a positive difference

Coaching is offered on a pro-bono basis to Jersey residents only. If you would like to access any of these coaching services please get in touch with us.

Supporting neurodivergent individuals aged 18-25

It can be particularly difficult for neurodivergent people, such as those with autism, ADHD, or dyslexia, to transition from education to employment. Many neurodivergent individuals may not have access to the resources and support needed to find and maintain employment. They may also face common stereotyping and biases associated with neurodivergent conditions and a lack of understanding from potential employers, which can make finding suitable employment more challenging.

We know that securing the right ‘first job’ can be critical in setting young neurodivergent people up for success. Through our coaching we want to help identify the strengths and abilities that neurodivergent clients can bring to the workplace to avoid malemployment, and work with clients during their early career to ensure they know what they need to work at their best.

Supporting career returners

Career returners have valuable skills and experience that they can bring to the workplace, bringing new perspectives. Returning to work can provide a sense of person

Women are more likely than men to take a career break, and providing support for their return to the workforce can help to reduce the gender gap, diversifies the workforce and demonstrates inclusivity.

Through our returners programme we support individuals who have taken an extended career break to reconnect with their professional identity and develop a road map to return to employment.

Outplacement support for over 50s

The impact of redundancy on older workers is twofold. Not only can it have a significant emotional impact, leading to feelings of rejection, worthlessness, and loss of identity, older workers often face age discrimination as well. The combination of personal and societal barriers can make it more difficult for older people to secure future employment.

Age discrimination may not receive as much attention as other forms of discrimination, but it is still a significant problem that can have a negative impact on older workers’ lives and careers.

Through our outplacement coaching we aim to offer older workers emotional and professional support and to help them focus on the opportunities that come with a new chapter in their life.


We have established a Jersey Hub for the Inner Development Goals (IDGs).

The IDGs are a non-profit and open source initiative providing a science-based framework of skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives, and accelerate progress towards the UN’s Global Goals or SDGs.  If you would like to find out more about the IDGs then please click here or contact us directly.

The outcomes and associated SDGs we are working to achieve through our pro bono work and our charitable donations are:

  • Remove barriers to employment for adults from underrepresented groups (specifically adults with hidden disabilities and mental health conditions), to enable more people to benefit from ‘good work’ and therefore improved mental wellbeing.
  • Improve wellbeing and promote climate responsible behaviour by creating opportunities for the local community to develop more ‘connectedness’ with nature.
  • Reduce the inequality of access to high quality nature spaces for disabled people to improve quality of connectedness with nature, for the benefit of lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Associated Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3: Good health and well-being for all

SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 10: Reduce Inequalities

SDG 13: Climate Action

We welcome enquiries from individuals and third sector organisations to explore opportunities for us to work together towards these outcomes.

We are proud to
be a Certified B

B Corporations are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.  There are currently over 5000 Certified B Corporations in more than 70 countries and over 150 industries, including 700 in the UK.

See for more information.