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Developing Responsible Leaders

A 3-6 month executive coaching programme with an emphasis on developing responsible leaders and equipping them with the tools to drive successful organisational or societal change. We focus on exploring the client’s values and their relationship with environmental and social priorities and identifying the areas they feel most connected to. We look at where our clients can take personal action and what situational and psychological barriers may be holding them back.

1 day executive outdoor retreat with a focus on exploring responsible leadership. This is an intensive day where we explore some of those key areas covered in our longer programme. This can work well as a personal check-in to assess readiness for leading systemic change and to identify development areas for building competence in responsible leadership.

B Corp Organisational and Leadership Readiness Assessment

We will help you assess your organisation’s readiness for B Corp certification and facilitate discussions with leadership on your strategy, vision and the path to certification.

Unique to our approach is our emphasis on what is driving this ambition at a personal level and an appreciation of the importance this plays in shaping the vision and strategy, and creating lasting change. We incorporate elements of our Responsible Leadership programme, working one to one with the leadership team to assess personal readiness and support them with their development as responsible leaders.

B Impact Assessment & Certification

We can assist you with the end to end B corp certification process, whether this be in a project management capacity or as an advisor and consultant, helping you to identify and address any areas for improvement to support a successful certification.

Impact Consulting

Assisting with all aspects of improving organisational impact from developing and implementing an overall strategy or plan through to targeted assistance on particular areas.

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