For Organisations

Our approach acknowledges relationships and system dynamics beyond the individual or organisation.

We see organisations as systems embedded in a complex environment. When looking at organisational challenges we consider the ecosystem an organisation is embedded within and the connections between the parts of the ecosystem. Our experience has taught us that organisational challenges are inextricably linked and an organisation does not exist separate to the ecosystem, just as a leader doesn’t exist in isolation to the team or the organisation they serve.

This wider perspective, coupled with our multidisciplinary leadership experience, positions us as a true thinking partner to support clients with their organisational development needs.

We can assist in improving overall organisational performance by utilising a systems thinking perspective, looking at both internal and external systems to understand the interactions and contributions of different elements, including structure, culture, processes, people, society and the environment.

This approach is particularly effective for organisations undertaking a review, embarking on a transformation and/or culture shift.

  • Helps organisations adapt quickly and break way from old patterns by identifying patterns that are preserving the current state
  • Can unleash capacity
  • Harnesses the collective intelligence of an organisation to generate its own solutions and navigate unknown territory
  • Ensures organisations serve all their stakeholders

We coach beyond individual development

We incorporate coaching in our work at a micro and macro level using an interdisciplinary approach. We focus on understanding the interconnectedness of different parts of an individual, team, Board or organisation and how they affect overall performance.

Individuals, teams, boards and organisations are complex systems and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We help clients identify and address underlying issues and challenges by harnessing the collective intelligence and facilitate change by working on the whole system, not just the individual parts.

We use a variety of tools and methods to support our clients in understanding the system as a whole, identifying areas for improvement and developing a deeper sense of cohesion.

We also help clients to understand their own role in the system and how they can influence it for positive change.

On Purpose

We believe that the right and responsible way to run a business combines strong, effective and authentic leadership with an approach that places communities, people and the environment alongside profit.

Just as we did, we’re seeing a growing number of people coming to coaching to connect with their purpose during these times of global uncertainty and inequality. When it comes to addressing climate change and growing inequality we don’t lack the data, we lack the belief that we can individually positively influence change. Through specific climate coaching we don’t reduce the size of the problem, but increase the size of the person to address the problem.

As a certified B Corp we are now part of a system change seeking to shift the economy toward a more inclusive and sustainable future. We’re committed to serving and maximising our contribution to all our stakeholders, with a promise to doing no harm, and more good.

We look forward to working with you.

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